Structure Core

Plug in 3D perception. What comes next is up to you.

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What's inside

Structure Core

USB-C to USB-A Adapter

USB-A to USB-C Cable

Screwdriver & Screws

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3D Scanning Bundle - $499 $399

Special introductory price. There's no faster way to get started using Structure Core than the new 3D Scanning Bundle, which includes 1 Structure Core (Color), 1 Tripod Mount for Structure Core and 1 Skanect Pro license!

Color (85°) camera

Ships: Early May

Enclosed case

Includes Skanect Pro

Includes Tripod Mount

Structure Core - $399

Pre-order one of the first Structure Cores to ship after we enter the General Availability phase.

Monochrome or color

Ships: Today

Enclosed case

Choose your options

Ultra-wide vision (160°) camera
Color wide-angle (85°) camera

Integrator Bundle - $5000

Limited: 19 left (9 color)

Fast-track integration with extra developer support and one of the first shipments of bare module Structure Cores.

  • Monochrome or Color
  • 2 General Availability Structure Core - Ships May
  • Tray of 8 Bare Module Structure Core - Ships May
  • 2 SDK Support Incidents

Choose your options

Ultra-wide vision (160°) camera
Color wide-angle (85°) camera

Contact us about volume pricing.

Wave 1 - $599

Limited Edition of 120

Be among the first to get started with Structure Core. Get one of the first units made. Ever.


Enclosed case

Wave 2 - $499

Limited Edition of 165

Pre-order a Wave 2 Structure Core to get started developing in early January.

Monochrome or color

Enclosed case

Frequently Asked Questions

Which operating systems can I use Structure Core with?

Structure Core supports Android, Windows, Linux, and (coming soon) macOS host platforms.

What cables should I use and what is the maximum cable length that can be used with Structure Core?

Structure Core complies with the typical USB-C compliant cable lengths. For more detailed information, see our support article.

Questions? See the Terms of Sale.

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