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Frequently Asked Questions

What applications are available for Structure Sensor?

There are over 100 applications available for Structure Sensor on iOS. Some of our favorites are listed on the Apps page.

Which iPads can I use Structure Sensor with?

Structure Sensor is compatible with many recent iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini models. For best results, we recommend the iPad (5th and 6th Generation), 12.9-inch, 9.7-inch or 10.5-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and the 4th generation iPad mini. For a full listing, see the support article.

Everything you need, including apps.

The Structure Sensor and Complete Bundle each include all you need to start using your Structure Sensor right out of the box. There are already apps built for the Structure Sensor in the App Store, and we've also provided a set of sample apps in the Structure SDK to show more of what's possible. (Free access to the Structure SDK with the purchase of Structure Sensor or Complete Bundle)

Canvas, built by the team right here at Occipital, makes capturing a 3D model of a room delightfully easy. Simply tap "Scan," walk around the room, and watch as a scale-accurate model is built in real-time, right on your iPad. Learn more about Canvas.

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Skanect Pro has been designed by the Occipital team to work seamlessly with your Structure Sensor. With Skanect, capturing a full color 3D model of an object, person, or room has never been easier. Learn more about Skanect Pro.

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The Structure SDK for iOS is our way of taking care of the basics so developers can get straight to publishing incredible applications. Need precise 6-DoF tracking? Volumetric reconstruction? Real world occlusion? Our APIs have you covered. Prefer to develop at a low level? You'll have direct access to the same raw data and low-level controls on the Structure Sensor that we do. The Structure Sensor also supports OpenNI 2 on every other platform. Learn more about the Structure SDK.

Questions? See the Terms of Sale. Looking to buy closer to home? See our list of resellers.

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Includes: Skanect Pro (normally $129), USB Hacker Cable, Lightning cable, and AC adapter.

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