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Includes iPad Bracket

Includes iPad Bracket & USB Hacker Cable

Includes Skanect Pro

Free shipping in USA

Includes First Run iPad Air 2 Bracket

Quantities Limited.

Includes First Run iPad Air 2 Bracket, USB Hacker Cable & Skanect Pro

Free shipping in USA. Quantities Limited.

What's the first run?

We've pushed our team to the limit to deliver a precision bracket for the iPad Air 2 as quickly as possible. And now it’s your chance to get (or gift!) one of the first ever to come off the production line!

Update: The first run has started shipping! Orders placed now will ship next-business day or sooner.

Faster than ever.

Apps for the Structure Sensor are faster than ever on the iPad Air 2. Integrate up to twice as much 3D depth data per second, meaning smoother scans. Perform hole filling and other tasks faster than ever. And if you’re a developer, get ready, because the Structure SDK is being tuned up to take full advantage of the iPad Air 2.

Note: First Run supplies are limited.

Looking for accessories? Individual iPad brackets, power adapters, and cables are now available!

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Everything you need, including apps.

The Structure Sensor and Launch Bundle each include all you need to start using your Structure Sensor right out of the box. There are already apps built for the Structure Sensor in the App Store, and we've also provided a set of sample apps in the Structure SDK to show more of what's possible.

Structure Sensor Includes: One Structure Sensor and matching precision iPad bracket (Ice Blue or Silver), Lightning cable, AC adapter, and free access to the Structure SDK.

Limited-time Launch Bundle Includes: Everything that comes with the Structure Sensor, plus the USB Hacker Cable (normally $39), plus a license to Skanect Pro (normally $129) and free shipping within the United States.

Skanect Pro is one of the most popular 3D scanning softwares available today. With Skanect Pro you can wirelessly stream 3D scans from your Structure Sensor in real-time to your Mac or PC for rapid capture, editing, and sharing of high-quality, full-color, 3D scans. Skanect Pro is available separately for $129, or included as part of the Launch Bundle.

Skanect Pro has been designed by the Occipital team to work seamlessly with your Structure Sensor. With Skanect, capturing a full color 3D model of an object, person, or room has never been easier. Learn more about Skanect Pro.

The Structure SDK for iOS is our way of taking care of the basics so developers can get straight to publishing incredible applications. Need precise 6-DoF tracking? Volumetric reconstruction? Real world occlusion? Our APIs have you covered. Prefer to develop at a low level? You'll have direct access to the same raw data and low-level controls on the Structure Sensor that we do. The Structure Sensor also supports OpenNI 2 on every other platform. Learn more about the Structure SDK.

The Structure Sensor in depth.

Much of what makes the Structure Sensor revolutionary is hard to describe with just words. And, just as seeing the Structure Sensor in action reveals its captivating capabilities, so do the details and decisions that went into its design reveal its uncompromising quality.

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